Kool-Aid dye? You betcha! - Upcycled, repurposed pet accessories
I spent the weekend engaged in some awesomely eco-friendly crafts.

In seventh grade my friends, our hair and some grape, cherry and lime Kool-Aid had quite a party. So I knew the power of the powder. But this weekend I tested it out on some woolier subjects.

I wanted my hand felted balls to be colorful, but safe. I did some research and found out that Kool-Aid is a super dye and safe for human (and dog) consumption.

Next, I had to figure out how to dye carded wool - giant sheets of raw wool that I purchased from The Felt Store.

This web post gave me the step by steps and off I went. Below are some photos of the journey.

First you soak the raw wool. then after dissolving a couple packets of Kool-Aid mix in boiling water, you remove the pot from the heat and add the wool, waiting until it absorbs the dye and the water turns clear. Pull it out of the pot and voila - lovely dyed wool!

Stay tuned for a post on how I make the balls.

2/9/2012 06:22:26 am

I never thought that kool-aid mix is actually a dye mixer. I thought it is a juice.


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